Our Services Antztec offers different kind services

We are a fast growing contact center and consultancy firm, capable of serving both International and domestic clients with its head office in Pakistan. With over 10 years of experience in call center field Antztec provides effective call center solutions to its clients, with blended background of both Inbound and Outbound. Antztec provides management training as well as agent level training to increases efficiency which helps grow business of all size and move forward toe to toe with rapidly fast growing industry, giving best contact center solutions which suit’s your business either it’s I.T, VOIP or DIALER Antztec has an answer for all.

Antztec’s call center consultancy department works with steady revenue generating campaigns which help’s contact centers expand and work on a steady campaign rather looking for many. We keep us up to date with current campaigns and offer our clients the best payouts and stability which is very important, analyzing your work force is our first task according to results we suggest the campaigns which your work force can execute easily.      


Companies image in its customers mind is very important either it can be described by its logo, symbol or its name. At Antztec we help entrepreneurs and business to create that image and edge in the market by giving them marketing solutions and branding solutions such us; logo designing, website designing, professional photo shots, marketing strategies and more to help build our clients brand name in hearts and mind of its customer and give them edge which will show because we believe branding is the way to communicate between costumer and company.


E-Marketing is the quickest and affordable way to communicate with masses. Antztec data base gives our clients a guaranteed boost in their revenue by reaching targeted audience for their products and services.


A virtual dialer is a communications tool used by customer service employees such as virtual receptionists, call center agents, or telemarketing service representatives which give them the ability to perform outbound telephone calls without entering a telephone number for each call. This electronic device can be programmed to call a telephone number by pressing a specific button. By using an automatic dialing system to automatically communicate between any two points in a telephone network, the customer service agent can wait until he/she hears a predetermined response before handling the telephone call.

Virtual dialers can provide multiple software options such as understanding a live person, busy signals, and reaching a voice mail system. For instance, the dialer can be programmed to keep dialing a busy signal until a live person answers. Also, the telephone menus can provide the option to be placed on the "Do Not Call" list and avoid the possibility of a company receiving penalties. A schedule system can show the exact date and time a telephone call was placed and if the call was properly handled per company guidelines.

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